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Equipment of electrician of electric power of the 8th China International and te

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China Epower equipment of electrician of electric power of the 8th China International and technical exhibition
The 8th China International Electric Power & Electric Engineering Technology Exhibition
The corresponding period holds: Forum of high level of strategy of international the sources of energy and power industry peak are met
On April 22, 2008 - international of 24 days of Shanghai exhibits a center
22-24 April 2008 INTEX Shanghai

■ new form builds electric power of China of focusing of international platform new opportunity
"Electrician of China International electric power exhibits EPETEE " successive already success holds 7 in Shanghai, already attracted the ginseng that comes from 30 many countries and area to exhibit trade accumulative total to already exceeded 2200 up to now, commerce audience amounts to 180 thousand person-time, it is Chinese dimensions the biggest, administrative levels one of highest, power industry distinguished gathering that provide consequence most.
For better service at power industry, build international communication platform, exhibited meeting general to introduce strong abroad partner 2008, exhibit meeting general to change by Shanghai new in organization of limited company of trade international exhibition undertakes, society of society of project of Shanghai electric machinery, Shanghai electrician technology, Singapore MP can exhibit the unit such as the group to sponsor, shanghai is new in limited company of trade international exhibition is by the trade in Shanghai the exhibition serves limited company and Singapore MP to be able to exhibit a group collective and contributive the China and foreign countries that hold water is joint-stock company. Exhibit meeting general to enable new LOGO and English name at the same time " Epower China " , electrician of China International electric power was exhibited 2008 will receive world guest friend with brand-new figure.
Epower China 2008 will carry out new whole world to popularize a plan to invite more abroad buy the home and manufacturer to join in,
Epower China 2008 will be the power industry regale that is worth to expect!

■ exhibit meeting origanization construction
Approve an unit: Shanghai of Shanghai people government external economic trade commission
Sponsor an unit: Project of Chinese Shanghai electric machinery learns technology of Chinese Shanghai electrician
Asian international exhibits conference plan limited company (Singapore MP exhibits a group)
World rich takes international to exhibit ad limited company outside group Shanghai
Undertake unit: Shanghai is new in trade international exhibits limited company
Exhibition of the trade in Shanghai serves limited company

■ exhibit 7 years can review
"EPETEE 2007 facilities of power of the 7th China International and technical exhibition " already on April 23, 2007 - the center is exhibited 25 days to be held successfully in Shanghai international, gathered together enterprise of brand of 262 international, country, like ABB, Siemens, GE, Alstom, 3M, Hitachi, Toshiba, Fuji electric machinery, special change switch of electrician, China phone, fine believes electric equipment, Hua Ming electric power and Xuji group; Exhibit business to pervade 18 many countries and area, among them 5 states government exhibits a group, exhibit an area to amount to 10000 much square metre; Attracted 25128 professional personages that come from 20 many countries and area to arrive visit, among them abroad audience is amounted to 15.6% ; Home has guild of nearly 12 electric power that save city, society and power company form a delegation the spot looks around. The country such as Germany, United States, Japan, Korea, Russia, Malaysia all has look around bulkily purchase a group to attend a meeting look around purchase.
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