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Russia electric home appliances
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Time: In April 2008 10 – 13 days (extend a time limit is outer 7 days, whole journey is outer 11 days)
Place: Muscovite CROCUS EXPO exhibits a center

Previous term or session exhibits meeting general situation:
Previous term or session exhibits can total dimensions to exceed 40 thousand square metre, have include Suo Ni, Toshiba, pine to fall, famous manufacturer ginseng exhibits the international such as SamSung, Kodak, pioneer, ginseng exhibit business to come from the 30 many countries such as homeland of Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia

Content of item on display:
Should exhibit meeting cent to be electric home appliances Electric home appliances

Consume an electron:
Carrier of kinescope of box of top of receiver of TV, MP3, MP4, PMP, DVD, satellite, decoder, machine, videocorder, monitor, measuring projector, recording; Equipment of multimedia of acoustics of system of high fidelity acoustics, sound, car, car, navigation system, mobile media; Receiver of equipment of accessory of domestic movie theater, long-range communication, DAB, call the police car electron, navigation system, automatically system; Personal computer and game; The individual corresponds; Remote control and network of mobile phone and online service, family, wireless device, remote sensing device, family is small-sized the data system of the record unit of system of the warning decice of bazaar, kinescope, surveillant equipment, automata;

The number is video: Digital camera, camera; Shine put, casing of photograph of spouse of card of recording pen, memory, mobile memory, number, number; Computer fittings reachs a component; Electron of periphery of memory, computer, number; Indication technology; Advocate board reach fittings; Acoustical card, show card; Video equipment reachs bad news material, box of lamp of umbrella of flashlight of box of equipment of stage of tripod, cloud, photography, electron, electron, various lamp, take a picture equipment is special box bag, film; Processing equipment, picture is strong imprint material of the reel of machine of enlarge of equipment, colour, number, printer, bad news that print, scanner;

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