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December 2008 (the 71st) exhibition of countrywide electron product

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December 2008 (the 71st) exhibition of countrywide electron product
And 2008 China (Shenzhen) international electron exhibition

Time: In April 2008 12- 14 day
Address: Shenzhen can exhibit a center

Support an unit:
Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China
MII of People's Republic of China

Sponsor an unit:
Head office of Chinese electron equipment
Board of Trade of Shenzhen city economy

Undertake unit:
Report can be exhibited in transmit limited company with information
Exhibition of Shenzhen city industry

Assist do an unit:
Luck of Shenzhen town square exhibits limited company especially
Bureau of development of Hong Kong trade
Consortium of a person of same business of electron of Taiwan area electric machinery

Chinese electron is the biggest exhibit, 60000 square metre reveal an area to creat commerce good chance, make exit platform
The Chinese electron that two ministries and commissions support hand in hand is the biggest exhibit, be famous in electronic trade grand meeting of the Asia

Countrywide electron is exhibited (CEF) , only then 1964, the omnibus professional electron that provides authority most for China is exhibited, also be Chinese history at the same time the longest, class the most complete, influence the electron with most far-reaching, the largest scale is exhibited. Divide spring, summer, autumn every year 3 times to exhibit, make for industry business trade best platform.
Regard home as exhibition of large-scale integrated electron product, CEF is one of members of alliance of Asian electron exhibition, exhibit with Japanese electron, Korea electron is exhibited, Taiwan electron is exhibited, Hong Kong electron is exhibited and call 5 big electrons of Asian to exhibit. The mutual cooperation between the member raised CEF greatly in the world consequence.
1964: First China electron is exhibited hold in Beijing, began CEF long evolution is itinerary
2003: Chinese electron is exhibited exhibit as exclusive electron, the class A that key of selected Department of Commerce supports is exhibited meeting
2004: Exhibit alliance by Asian electron (AEECC) first Asia electron of the organization is exhibited (AEES) exhibit with Chinese electron succeed in Shanghai hand in hand, finished the combination that most royal electron exhibits greatly.
2007: CEF finishs national strategy layout: Shenzhen (spring) - Shanghai (autumn) - China western (the summer)
December 2007 (the 69th) exhibition of countrywide electron product reviews
Exhibit meeting general situation:
Always exhibit an area: 52500 square metre
Global exhibit business: Many 1700 manufacturer, 2000 many exhibit
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