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2009 Jilin (Changchun) exhibition of equipment of the 2nd electric power, electr

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Exposition of manufacturing industry of 2009 China Changchun
2009 Jilin (Changchun) exhibition of equipment of the 2nd electric power, electrical engineering technology
Time: Will nod to 23 days of ground on April 21, 2009: Changchun international exhibition center
Sponsor commerce of unit China International to promote government of people of the Changchun City of branch of committee the Changchun City
Supportive unit Jilin saves Jilin of power limited company to save Electricity Supply Board
Jilin saves Jilin of electric power guild to save electric machinery project to learn

Changchun electrified wire netting will build 500 kilovolt Changchun east, the transformer substation austral Changchun, make Changchun city net by only a 500 kilovolt add up to heart transformer substation to net of 500 kilovolt annulus run mode transfers, structure of network of 500 kilovolt annulus forms rudiment; New, extend 220 kilovolt 3 child wait for transformer substation of 10 220 kilovolt, implementation of 220 kilovolt electrified wire netting is worn in 500 kilovolt net prop up the cent below piece move, net of electrified wire netting wears a structure to be strengthened greatly, power supply ability gets promotion; The transformer substation of 30 66 kilovolt such as smooth machine of new, extend, 66 kilovolt net wears perfect Changchun electrified wire netting structure, raise ability of power supply of 66 kilovolt electrified wire netting, satisfy the demand that bear of the Changchun City grows; It is good to cooperate a government to be done about the branch center the electrified wire netting related area and key enterprise to build the job with key industry; Executive county electrified wire netting transforms electrified wire netting of project, country to transform project and old old equipment to transform a project; Cooperate a government to concern a branch, had done pick turn to transform project of power supply of form a complete set to concern the job for electrical engineering Cheng, shanty town. "915 " during, construction of Changchun electrified wire netting always invests 6.048 billion yuan, at the appointed time Changchun electrified wire netting will build basically " structure reasonable, technology advanced, on the safe side, run agile, economy efficient " modern firm electrified wire netting.
Much channel is all-around promotion of strong conduct propaganda, cooperate to exhibit business to creat good chance!
Before one exhibits meeting accumulative total to share come from 27 province city of countrywide, municipality and municipality directly under the Central Government ten person-time visit the professional audience of 160 many cities, and all have every year numerous inferior, trafficker of beautiful, Europe comes round to negotiate, indent. The organizing committee was increased further 2009 exhibit the internationalization process of the meeting, put in a large number of capital to be used at international media to publicize the job, with international the organization undertakes cooperative with all possible means, exhibit business and trafficker to build for international ginseng internationally platform.
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