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Did not come 3 years high-pressured switchgear is dazzling the market

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The expert points out, did not come 3 years two, size of market of switchgear of a few high pressure will continue to expand, and have good market prospect.

In recent years, chinese power industry maintains rapid development momentum, generate electricity installed capacity with annual the rate of 8 % rises. The urban and rural electrified wire netting that begins to carry out from 1998 transforms a project, and carry out in succession subsequently western develop and on the west report east send a project, to was defeated by distribution facilities manufacturing industry to create huge market demand, market dimensions expands quickly. Statistical data makes clear, china will increase outfit chance 3 two years henceforth construction of power source of 30 million kilowatt, year add outfit machine to rise to 25 million kilowatt, namely year add outfit machine to be able to increase 30 % ~ 40 % , and with add the size of market of a few switchgear with outfit directer chance newly to will have bigger spread look, and have good market demand.

550 kilovolt of 330 ~ demand of electric equipment of voltage grade switch will rise ceaselessly. As " 15 " during year all installed capacity is compared " 95 " the rise during, northwest area electrified wire netting of grade of 330 kilovolt voltage advocate what the net wears is farther perfect and build, place of grade of 550 kilovolt voltage needs 330 ~ switchgear " 15 " will rise somewhat, predict " 15 " later period year demand makes an appointment with 180 ~ 200 breaker (contain GIS) . Form from breed in light of, although breaker of coal tub type has volume small, aseismatic performance is good wait for a characteristic, but because porcelain pillar breaker increases price of transformer of alone SF6 electric current under breaker of coal tub type, because proportion of breaker of this porcelain pillar is met,increase somewhat. Its form specific gravity GIS to make an appointment with 35 % , porcelain pillar (P - GCB) occupy 35 % , coal tub type (T - GCB) occupy 30 % .

252 kilovolt of 126 ~ voltage grade breaker year demand is close 7500. Henceforth a few years, because urban and rural electrified wire netting is transformed,will still continue, and limitation of grade of voltage of the 35 kilovolt in city net is used reach breaker of high-pressured little oil to be waited for by SF6 breaker replace element, 252 kilovolt product will maintain 126 ~ to increase rate higher, predict " 15 " evening, 252 kilovolt of 126 ~ breaker year demand will achieve 6000 ~ to be controlled 7500 times. Look from product structure, of this voltage grade change a product to will still develop without oil, but ministry of Chinese and Western suffers economic capacity to restrict, the product of little oil still has a few use. Predict " 15 " evening, output of SF6 of grade of 252 kilovolt voltage can amount to 100 % , among them the proportion of product of the GIS in SF6 breaker can rise to 30 % further, porcelain pillar can destroy arc formula product occupies 50 % oneself, product of formula of calm sb's anger occupies 20 % . From henceforth market demand looks, in short-circuit current the big, circumstance that opens time weak point falls, breaker of SF6 of type of calm sb's anger should be heat choosing product.
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