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Group of Singapore MP International buys Chinese electric power to exhibit 50% e

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Group of Singapore MP International buys Chinese electric power to exhibit 50% equity
Recently, group of Singapore MP International announces, subordinate of limited company of exhibition of international of the trade in already buying Shanghai shows an item -- " equipment of electrician of China International electric power and technology are exhibited " the share of 50% , and by both sides collective and contributive establish a new joint-stock company, the name is " Shanghai is new in trade international shows limited company " .
The Shanghai that holds water this is new in the administrative group of limited company of trade international exhibition will by investment bilateral each other sends personnel to combine composition, international of the trade in Shanghai exhibits Jiang Gang of limited company general manager to will take up the post of the general manager of new company. Henceforth, electrician of electric power of China EPower China International is exhibited will become by in the joint-stock item that new both sides makes jointly hand in hand. Cooperative purpose is marching at driving China EPower international market, and hopeful makes the whole world the person that numerous electric power exhibits the outstanding of the project.
Group of Singapore MP International (Www.mpinetwork.com) headquarters is in Singapore, held water 1987, it is a professional organization of numerous industry exhibit meeting origanization construction. Get international each square wide support, this group already held those who exceed 250 to cross country, region to show the meeting internationally early or late in Asia-Pacific area. It is one of members of group of Hong Kong PICO at present.
International of the trade in Shanghai shows limited company (Www.zhongmao.com.cn) held water in Feburary 2000, it is a professional orgnaization that organizes large exhibition and meeting, up to now, held the professional exhibition that involves the trade such as electrician of industry of environmental protection, water, electric power successfully already, enjoy extremely tall reputation. The professional of the young team of rich innovation spirit and high quality is the important safeguard that firm health develops quickly. Outside concerning except good client, the connection chime that the company also pays attention to orgnaization of as various as China government and orgnaization of relevant domestic and international commerce very is made. Main brand exhibition has " EPTEE " exhibition of China International environmental protection (Www.eptee.com) , " WSDWTF " China International gives catchment water treatment exhibition (Www.wsdwtf.com) .
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