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Wuhan is built go abroad to produce turn extrahigh voltage switch

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New product of key of approval of department of national science and technology planned a project 2006 1800, wuhan is obtained approve 18, among them limited company of switch of transformer of Wuhan peaceful general " cent of form of the drum that do not have encourage receives switch " on a list of names posted up famous just about this is gadgety, those who realized extrahigh voltage switch is homebred change.

Current, the city carries the life to use phone to each dweller village, need to use transformer, turn high-pressured report into life of 220 bend over to use phone, and two kinds of switch should be used on transformer use below power cut condition have carry switch, in not electrify condition uses cent of form of the drum that do not have encourage to receive switch.

"Once, I go France attends international to be defeated change electric equipment exhibition, seeing exhibiting transformer switch is foreign production. After coming back, I am determined, want to make switch of homebred tall voltage transformer. " controller of peaceful general company says.

Last year in August, the cent of form of the drum that do not have encourage of peaceful general receives switch to begin batch to appear on the market, its applied peaceful general integratedly to have more than 10 patent of completely own intellectual property, apply to 750 kilovolt to reach the following each are large be defeated change transformer of electric electric power, and the 1/5 that the price imports congener product only. Last year November, this product filed patent.

Without encourage drum form cent receives switch to look like a waist drum, make with insulating material and metallic stuff. Generally speaking, transformer order and degree is higher, taller also to the requirement of switch. The small transformer on driveway edge telegraph pole, have the art case volume that children uses only, and the transformer of form a complete set of peaceful general company, have 34 buildings this kind tall if transformer gives trouble, the likelihood lets power failure of a city, because this is right spare parts demand is particularly high.

At present, the switch of this kind of model already created close ten million for peaceful general company yuan sale, the part exports southeast Asia and other places.

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