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Switchgear of CCK2 low-pressure whole set combines a design to be about to give

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The concentration that passes nearly 4 months is designed, the organization that in Tianjin of group leader unit electric drive designs an institute leaves group of design of combination of whole nation of switchgear of CCK2 low-pressure whole set, already obtained very great progress at present.

Current, main circuit and 2 principles graph already completed design work, the graph designs frame structure, drawer structure and the general assembly that present cabinet of couplet of line, feed, mother, drawer to be finished basically already, revising in what undertake blueprint now arrange the job.

The peaceful wave overhead that shares design team work installs group and Beijing the prototype that limited company of the first low-pressure electric equipment is undertaking 5000A and 4000A respectively creates the job, according to the plan, will work at will finishing prototype to experiment in December.

It is reported, this products plan is in make sure sexual price is more congener than prep above on the foundation of the product, increased product capacity and mechanical strength. Have an operation the characteristic with convenient, beautiful shell, offer more than kinds of 600 electric plan to offer designing institute and user type selecting at the same time.

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