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Market of RF MEMS switch will appear volatile growth

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According to WichtTechnologyConsulting(WTC) of Germany of market survey firm, in the near future the market will rise quickly to the demand of RFMEMS switch. These products will be used at the test equipment of semiconductor industry for the most part, and mobile phone and telegraphic infrastructure. Wicht predicts this general will present volatile growth: Dimensions of market of entire 2006 ball complement is 5 million dollar, 210 million dollar reachs growth inside 5 years.

According to WTC, semiconductor of favour wisdom riverside (the antenna that NXP) and RFMD are preparing mass production to be used at the mobile phone and can configure power amplifier afresh. WTC estimation, at present the volume of every months of shipment of afore-mentioned switch is 50 thousand about. Already the product estimation of shipment is 50-60 10 thousand. NXP has been in industrialization phase with the switch capacitor at the mobile phone, centering energy to solve craft and producibility problem. The acting industry firm such as IMT and APM already began switch of serial production DC.

After afterwards test and appearance application and telecommunication application, WTC predicts spaceflight and national defence will be the 3rd big market of RFMEMS switch. WTC still studied the car applies, for example radar and antenna, but did not see an opportunity in this market at present.

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