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Steel wears market of electrician of switch prize tomorrow

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Review electrical engineering industry to develop course, had experienced an industry twice to upgrade, the market great change of every time is to result from the technical innovation on real significance, appeared to have the product that replaces a gender. Go up century at the beginning of 90 time, show the switch that press type replaced switch of the formula that draw a line, served the market with durable sex character; After entering new century, become warped greatly board the model with switch orthodox breakthrough, middle finger again the switch that press type replaces, beautiful exterior makes the first selection of people. And in recent years by the steel that bestow favor on is being pushed to wear switch inside course of study is the heat that makes electrical engineering trade more, so steel wears switch whether market of prize tomorrow electrician, make the main trend of the market?

Numerous proprietor of an enterprise pushs steel to wear switch

Current, ou Pu, bright can wait for actual strength brand, serve as with steel wearing switch advocate turn set, include Hua Tai, actor to vacate even, of the home wait for a few to receive a trademark newly high-key into city, although its brand locates each has his strong point, but used same product strategy -- with China steel of the 4th acting electrical engineering product is worn model switch begs dominant to appeal to. Speak of this to let coronal of the personage inside course of study with " the 4th acting electrical engineering product of Chinese " steel wearing switch, the TNC international that must carry day of Lang Qi to fall is electrical engineering, start domestic electrical engineering market formally from electrician of international of the TNC at the beginning of 2005, its advocate making a product is steel wearing switch. Up to now, the steel of TNC international electrician is worn model switch has taken home market 40% of congener product total sales volume.

So, in the consumption that mature now increasingly and nags the environment falls, why can the 4th Dai Gang wearing switch be consumer place to accept?

Terminal market values steel to wear switch

Current, the 4th acting steel that heads with TNC international electrician wears switch business to had formed certain force in home market. According to reporter understanding, going up early century 7, the Mo Du of 80 time Germany, Ji Lai, always the brand such as Nuo has sale steel to wear switch. And home market, be in early 2000, day radical is electric (Shenzhen) limited company begins to produce this kind of product, also be current this company classical range of products. According to this company vise general manager Mao Jigong expresses, at that time, steel wearing product is mixed on function and technology the market mostly the PC material product that the brand sells is distinguished without what, congener product also does not see more on the market, the masses is immature also to the cognitive degree of the product, did not regard this as the company so advocate push range of products. current condition, steel wears switch to want to make the new generation product that replaces PC makings switch, still need to be mixed from the technology try to innovate on use function.
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