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Switch of series of Shanghai Song Riya beauty is about to appear on the market

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Recently, in the plain change that Shanghai loose day holds in Chongqing and Wuhan and conference of Hubei area agent, issued set of complete set elegant beauty (118 model) new product information, cause each district agency to pay close attention to this height.

It is reported, this high-grade elegant beautiful series (118 model) taste newly use pushbutton of indicator light of brand-new and in-house bedspring and backlash transparent PC material is made, have very good beautiful with radiation-proof function, consumer can watch switch interior copper with naked eye directly, in addition, with respect to this product this company had filed 2 countries patent, predict to be at the beginning of 2008 will batch appears on the market, this one sudden move, cause local agency and other and electrical engineering enterprise to be discussed to this heat.

Analysis of the personage inside course of study thinks, since this year, begin in order to be good at the Shanghai loose day with economy celebrated switch to enter the market to adjust period, the Shanghai loose day that is in brand promotion and sale network conformity, be sure to start comprehensive sale channel network to change in next year the ballyhoo with high-end brand. To this, chen Chunhua of president of group of Shanghai loose day is being accepted when interviewing, also express, although in last few years the company passes promotion successfully,86 series are mixed 120 series, had covered the network the area such as Hua Dong, China north, southwest, but the market share that this kind of portion still is confined to medium-priced, shanghai loose day is in in the near future development, will progressively him promotion includes sale channel to change in the brand image of high-end domain.

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