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Faction of negotiation of iron ore price is ceaseless

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Glacial fire is double day.

On January 16, australia " finance comments on a newspaper " say, bao Gang stopped with the fresh water river valley that need and needs develop of develop ﹑ force reachs Brazil the negotiation with respect to iron ore.

Current, the extent that China can accept iron ore to rise in price is 30% . But the member that metal of a Shanghai trades says, contract of iron ore of hope of tycoon of 3 mining industry rises in price 50% , bao Gang makes stop to negotiate this accordingly.

This message, eristic rise from all directions.

The most dangerous agitator

"Come out this the news that makes halt a negotiation, another steely tycoon besides steel of treasure of completely possible out. " a market personage firm say, eliminating is the game that speech of negotiation of contention of this steely tycoon counterpoises.

On January 16, first " Bao Gang has stopped to undertake with tycoon of iron ore of 3 big international iron ore negotiated 2008 " the message causes industry to pay close attention to. Nevertheless, branch of force develop iron ore is presiding apparitor came back to deny this information namely, say to negotiate proceed. Look in a few analysts, because bilateral difference is at present bigger, foreign ask a price is quite high, the negotiation estimates prolonged.

"The negotiation is at a stand stopped nevertheless. " 17 days, raw material of Inc. of treasure mountain iron and steel purchases Wang Liqun of central general manager to refute a rumor say, the statement that makes stop is not accurate.

Since the both sides of the negotiation appears personally,refute a rumor, why Where is an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors? "Probably this is strategy of a kind of negotiation. " a personage that is close to Bao Gang points out, "Come out the personage of the rumor, whether have other fish to fry also very it's hard to say, this is a danger is incendiary. This is a danger is incendiary..

Actually, iron ore negotiation is current already at a stand, river valley of Brazilian fresh water rises in price in iron ore of the requirement in the negotiation 70% , need and need develop and force develop also hold to a requirement considerably huff.

17 days, reporter to home a few large and steely enterprises seek testimony, they are not choices silent, do not wish namely buy is judged.

Many analyst that accepts our newspaper reporter to seek advice says, at present negotiation of iron ore price still lies to negotiate beforehand level, both sides of supply and demand is right 2008 money year the state of supply and demand of market of marine iron ore still puts international in very big difference, awaiting a righter negotiation time to nod probably.
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