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The development of switch of glow of content of complexing of a kind of solid st

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Molecular system can show below specific base or special situation smooth switch is characteristic, this one character has wide applied perspective, if sensor, element is logistic,wait with the machine. The molecular optical on off system in solution comes true more easily, but, shangbuduo sees the system of solid photograph element of the usable in some kind of atmosphere switch that make light, heat of among them a research is bridge couplet pyrimidine - the double nucleus of ion of 2- sulfur mellow salt (pyridine) platinic (II) it is OK to cooperate content to be in the organic atmosphere of second nitrile and alcohol realize smooth switch.

The Campagna of Italian Messina university and Professor Lanza studied a kind of platinum recently (II) - switch of glow of solid state of content of complexing of amine of acyl of 2 sulfur Dai Cao. Content of complexing of this kind of solid state does not have glow character originally, but in hydrochloric acid atmosphere, produce a compact ion to be opposite, can bring about glow. This process can be through heat or exposing sample in ammoniac atmosphere, produce changeover. Heat 10 minutes below 80 ℃ , sample can circulate at least 8 times, and the loss that did not send luminous intensity. Did not see the loss of raw material after the loop is exposed 10 times in ammoniac gas. Heat or of the two HCl element that ammoniac gas atmosphere can bring about join to go up in complexing content be short of break, have the effect of smooth switch thereby.

Researcher still will continue to improve system of switch of glow of this solid state, hopeful raises his to send luminous intensity, what complete this process further is thermodynamic with kinetic analysis.

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