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Energy-saving gas water heater to minimize the switching times

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Gas water heater how to save energy? Recently, the Changsha City Bureau of Energy saving water heater in the official published online coup, everyone to hurry and see it. 1, set the water temperature should not exceed 50 ℃. People bathing in winter the water temperature is generally about 42 ℃, 37 ℃ in the summer, while the gas water heater anti-fouling properties of water also determines the set when Given water temperature exceeds 50 ℃, the water heater will greatly increase the possibility of scaling, while the production scale equipment are bound to affect the thermal efficiency of the ring. 2, in the bath in the process of switching to minimize the number of taps. Because each switch is a hot water tap, water heater will start once the water temperature in the re-heated to the temperature you want before, when at least 7 seconds Room, this time there are a lot of water wasted in vain, and wasted gas. 3, focus on maintenance of gas water heater. The carbon scale and the main heat exchanger will reduce the effect of heat transfer, in order to extend the service life of gas water heater, and effective energy conservation, the user should be annual maintenance A gas water heater. According to statistics, three bags of post, if you pay attention to maintenance, the annual energy savings of about 6%.
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