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Million-volt high level of electrical circuit breaker switch R & D breakthroug

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High level of electrical companies spread the good news of the success of its self-developed millions of volts LW-1100-type high-voltage electrical bypass switch at the national quality testing center passed the most critical and most important re-investment in current test. This Marked the high level of electrical companies millions of volts bypass switch for a major breakthrough for the successful development of millions of volts bypass switch has laid an important foundation. Millions of volts of electrical bypass switch is a high-technology industry, the main circuit breaker for power protection of millions of volts, at present, this technology is still a blank in the international arena. No successful experience for reference, as Bypass switch to ensure the smooth development of millions of volts successful, high level of electrical crack Company set up a special science and technology research group. Participate in scientific and technological research and development project staff in the development process, beyond the traditional design Bold introduction of new technologies, new processes, new materials used in the whole process of research and development equipment. To improve the technological content of products to ensure that the process of commissioning the grid more secure and reliable, who after repeated tests, and hold Each of the testing process through a technical argument. Especially in the latter part of the process of prototype testing, the majority of scientific and technical personnel together with the test assembly with testing personnel, timely detection of problems and timely solutions to problems, thus further shrinking Short development cycle for the prototype test successful passage to lay a solid foundation. High level of electrical million volts successful development of the bypass switch will make living in the domestic switch bypass switch technology industry leading position for the national grid of UHV overall series compensation to provide strong technical support, to build The international level the core competitiveness for the country to provide strong support for power construction.
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