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Ninghua Quality Supervision Bureau to carry out low voltage switchgear "3C" ce

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Reporter learned from Ninghua Bureau of Quality Supervision, in order to promote the area in low voltage switchgear product quality upgrading, in late November, Ninghua Quality Supervision Bureau of the county administrative law enforcement officers carried out within the low voltage switchgear "3C" certification of special law enforcement inspection activities. Focus on examination of newly developed commercial installation of low voltage switchgear is has been "3C" certification. November 30 morning, the administrative law enforcement personnel on the properties of a real estate project site were carefully checked and found that the use of real estate have installed 23 sets of low voltage switchgear no national compulsory certification mark, equipment installation site is also responsible can not provide these 23 sets of low voltage switchgear national mandatory product certification. To this end, these 23 sets of administrative law enforcement personnel suspected of national compulsory product certification without the low voltage switchgear for investigation. Currently, the case is processed further investigation. Up to now, it has successively dispatched law enforcement personnel 22 people, inspection of real estate projects 4, investigation and case 2, the seized without a "3C" certification Low-voltage equipment 45 sets, to effectively regulate the low voltage switchgear within its jurisdiction compulsory product certification market.
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