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HVDC successful completion of the prototype switch breaking Test DC Current

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Power by the Chinese Institute of Electronics, EPRI developed ± 800 kV HVDC switch prototype, the smooth realization of 5300 amps DC current breaking, current breaking capacity in the world leading level, and marked the special master EPRI HVDC System DC Field core technology. The device to ± 800 kV HVDC transmission system for the application target is the 2010 EPRI China Innovation Fund projects, in less than a year to complete the current R & D personnel within the switch arc theory, special high-voltage DC converter switching system simulation, DC breaking principle analysis and simulation, complete sets of electrical and structural design, test methods and test capacity-building, prototype development and type tests, etc., for the ultra high voltage direct current transmission DC field key equipment in China has laid a solid foundation. The successful development of the equipment to fill our gaps in HVDC switch to realize the localization of the equipment, the end of our current core equipment market situation of long-term control of others, and completely independent intellectual property rights, China's independent innovation by EPRI, become the ABB, SIEMENS, after the company control and ownership of the world's third high voltage direct current switch design, integration and testing of technology companies. High voltage DC switch: used to UHV DC transmission system in the operating current from a line running back to run back to the line to another switching device. DC Field System as the core device, the device allows the application of direct current transmission system between unipolar and bipolar flexible conversion of various running, when the system failure or maintenance, in the case of no change in power supply system structure, ensure the normal operation.
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