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Is code of car spending level diseased who will guide car consumption?

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The car consumer of   China actually very pitiful, because of standard code itself is diseased, add what the market lacks maturity to lead force, most car user is to be in actually " feeling stone to cross a river " .

The investigation that from Chinese car the project learns and Xin Huaxin makes is informed, in car consumer of China, 80% above are the person that buy a car first. That is to say, their a few primary experience to respect of circumstance of car condition, road and mass of vehicle, service, must fumble from the beginning and accumulate.

If legal laws and regulations is perfect, firm attitude is positive, in this respect, consumer may take a lot of roundabout way less. Regretful is, in legal laws and regulations itself is short of the setting that break to fall, car manufacturer of China and agency just are in this respect " little root muscle " , the phenomenon of ignore consumer rights and interests and interest cans be found everywhere.

Be in China, just be born the C-NCAP of half an year still is a newly emerging things, lane of a lot of people does not understand what simple meaning and operating rules are actually; China " the most satisfactory car " investigation also had time a few years nevertheless, although belong to authoritative orgnaization to sponsor, but its are famous degree still remain at promotion; And the model of a few be there just to make up the number of countrywide is chosen, the eye that can invite customer only carries more beautiful more.

Many 700 new car, 20 million retain quantity, not be a fraction. On the path that crosses market of world the biggest car in China, besides governmental power, who can still lead the strike that the car consumes? Apparent, china still lacks such dominant power now.

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