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New GB of water heater of sea Er report is obtained standard innovation is big 2

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Prize-giving ceremony of forum of development of trend of innovation of science and technology of industry of 2007 year electric home appliances

Han of dean of academy of Chinese home appliance makes 樑 express, technique of the wall that defend report will solve what consumer is faced with effectively to wash bath safety problem, and the safe level that whole promotes electric water heater the trade. As we have learned, in performance side, sea Er water heater added thermal efficiency to exceed 96% what class A place sets, achieve class A; 0.6 what 24 hours of inherent specific power consumption set under class A place, achieve class A likewise, make a trade inside first are passed energy-saving " double A " the water heater brand of attestation.

The reporter still learns, after the wall that defend report makes national standard, also got beauty of Su Ning, country wait to sell the support of field greatly, sea Er prevented electric wall water heater to all will promote 20% above with the sales volume December in November last year.

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