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New electric state level introduces issuance explosion proof

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Standardization management committee reached the country to will part on June 30 on Feburary 13, 2004 with 2004 the 1st (always the 63rd) announcement mixes the 6th (always the 68th) announcement, released electrical equipment leaflet of explosion proof of 6 whole nations to turn technical committee (SAC/TC9) make castigatory country standard, these 6 standards begin to carry out from June 1, 2004 except GB 7957 outside, the others will begin 5 times to carry out from Feburary 1, 2005. Be as follows brief introduction of these 6 standards now: 1, this standard revises use IEC 60079-2: 2001 " volatile gas atmosphere uses electric device the 2nd part: Pressing case model " P " " , replace GB3836.5-1987 " volatile gas atmosphere uses electric device the 5th part: Pressing case model " P " " . With IEC 60079-2: 2001 photographs are compared, the modification with main GB3836.5-2004 has: 1) in deleting 1.5 do not need metric and corrective provision about controlling the instrument appearance in crust; 2) the pressing crust electric equipment to be in charge of and examine by user proper motion clause that in deleting 1.6, makes about him user. 3) in 7.9 in increased an E) : To Pz model, should pressing case inside pressing those who drop to set to the manufactory when the least value, automatic installation device should cut off Xiang Zheng to control the power supply of crust power supply; 4) increased 16.9: Protector movement dependability experiments; 5) increased 16.1: Equipment temperature is measured. This standard and photograph of old edition standard compare new edition change is bigger, added a lot of content, if be in " term and definition " 20 new definitions increased in one chapter. Safe device waited to offer a variety of protection type in unit of the structure that pressing case, pressure sensor, timer, monitor, chain and flow transducer, be like Px, Py or Pz; Of in-house to having source of release pressing crust and the equipment that light ability a bit to waited to also make specific provision. New standard was deleted join to controlling crust machine in old standard temperature of conduit, highest surface and the clausal content that controlling a cost. New standard changes on structure and technical content very big also. New bid brigadier is pressing crust cent to be: Type of 3 kinds of Px, Py and Pz explosion proof, whether to and will pressing interior of crust of crust electric equipment contain flammability gas or liquid source of release, cent is have or do not have inside place system two kinds big, the structure that pressing case to different type and safety precaution made specific provision. New standard in all 18 chapters, the structure that pressing case among them asks to include: The content such as intensity of qualitative machinery of alien, material, stomatic, clapboard, removed, in-house component, insulating material, bee, scintilla and grain fender.

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