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Electric product is current attestation of European standard KEMA-KEUR is newest

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Electric product of China exports Europe, imprint on the product box that pack normally have KEMA-KEUR sign, this proves this product has achieved the standard requirement of European each country, can undertake selling in European any country.
Granting KEMA-KEUR mark and diploma is a rigorous job. It is with energy-saving lamp exemple, since January 1, 2008, KEMA-KEUR certificate asks safety and function check twice compulsively. This is meant, all energy-saving lamps that export Europe, if want to affix KEMA-KEUR mark, so the type of these products checks besides should accord with EN60968 safety besides the standard, still must accord with standard of EN 60969 performance completely.

Before January 1, 2008, all KEMA-KEUR certificate all must all, otherwise will by cancel. Before this day of arrival, manufacturer people the transition that still has two years period will adjust production. Be worth what carry is, the likelihood in producing a course needs time to check and be adjusted, KEMA proposal, new program is used to have a test before July 1, 2006.

KEMA (Shanghai) tell reporter friend hereby, this day rises, the unit that any having or needs KEMA-KEUR certificate can dial 021-6485-2333 to know relevant news.

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