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Flat TV serves standard hopeful to will come on stage in May

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Consume committee of major of electronic product after service to divulge according to Chinese electron chamber of commerce, product of Chinese consumption electron, home appliance produces standard of company after service to predict to will come on stage in May this year, the flat TV after service that gets consumer attention fully collects fees advanced problem hopeful is solved.

The basis promulgated 1995 " partial commodity is repaired change the responsibility that return money sets " , indicate the television does not include liquid crystal, plasma, back to cast wait for high-end color television, color television " 3 packets " the regulation is aimed at television of traditional picture tube only, the after service of flat TV and maintenance standard become clear area. Accordingly, the after service of flat TV is the enterprise eachs does things in his own way all the time, guarantee fixed number of year serves acceptance by manufacturer completely, manufacturer is different, guarantee fixed number of years is different also. As a result of the key of high-end color television such as plasma TV, liquid crystal TV the component is not is picture tube, and " 3 packets " also did not cast to the back in the regulation, the maintenance of the product of high-end color television such as plasma, liquid crystal make limit clearly, include to maintain limits, maintenance the price, guarantee deadline, in bringing about the maintenance after making work cannot can depend on.

Secretary-general of committee of major of after service of product of electron of consumption of Chinese electron chamber of commerce discloses before week tomorrow say, the after service of flat TV is overall and good, but still put in 4 problems at present.

One, change after main part, of main part guarantee period postpone problem is solved hard. Some production company for evasive problem, taking machine sheet to go up not to let a client lest leave evidence,sign; Some companies are willing to will guarantee to customer acceptance only period a month waits postpone a moment. Zhou Ming says, according to " 3 packets of regulations " , in " 3 packets " main part appears inside period of efficacy breakdown, ought to be in charge of be maintained freely or changing by mender main part, the main part after changing " 3 packets " period of efficacy removes recount from changing day.

2, enterprise of individual color television, be in to consumer " 3 packets " period inside reflective problem is solved not in time, procrastinate however to " 3 packets " period collect fees again after the end solve, cause consumer dissatisfaction.

3, individual consumer buys machine hind to be in " 3 packets " period of the regulation retreat, did not use normally during exchange goods, after expiring, begin to be used normally and discover issue demand exchange a purchase, be rejected by the enterprise.
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