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peaceful " root " the standard leads an industry

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  not long ago, zhejiang Inc. of peaceful electric equipment adopts national 4A form " standardize good deed enterprise " try examine item by item to close, become the company that lukewarm state city acquires a country first times to standardize 4A class. Because catch,had clutched to standardize this important segment, be made in time and perfected standard of relevant product industry to amount to 640 multinomial. Make stability of product quality standard rise, partial product index is achieved or exceed international advanced level.
Standardization brings vitality
To infiltrate international home market, peaceful pays attention to standardization to work for years, study the international standard that the product involves, state level and occupation standard not only, and amass foreign advanced company extensively still the circumstance of congener product executive standard. Pass comparative analysis, raise taller requirement, establish the product standard that gives this company thereby. Regard countrywide low pressure as the arms of the person at the head of a procession of electric equipment industry, the rapid development of the enterprise proved standardization brought opportunity of survival and vitality to the enterprise adequately. Current, company market share expands ceaselessly, partial product passes international CB safety the attestation such as attestation, American UL attestation, Finnish FI attestation, Belgian CEBEC attestation, Holand KEMA attestation and German VDE. " peaceful " brand by the country industrial and commercial bureau is maintained for Chinese well-known logo, in home city of 20 many provinces is labelled " avoid check " product, the 3 old products such as watch of breaker of all-purpose type breaker, model shell type, electric energy have the honor to win name of product of Chinese famous brand.
Guide the standard answers an European Union to dictate in time
Standardization management is peaceful trend design makes normalization lay next solid foundations. The development in the product and in making, this company puts standardization in the foremost edge that the product produces, adopt product and component standardization, seriation and generalization design, shortened the design is periodic. Current, degree of standardization of spare parts of breaker of shell type of NM8 series model is as high as 70% ~ 80% , came true to specialization large quantities of quantities produce kind, improved manufacturing efficiency. Current, this series product holds good dominant position in competition of market price case.
As home important high low-pressure electric equipment is made with exporter, peaceful passes through international and the harmful material control that covers suitably with WEEE and ROHS instruction and environmental protection code, introduce company technology, management and manufacturing system, the internal research and development that built the rigid index that dictates the European Union and enterprise to produce state photograph actually to be united in wedlock, purchase, make, examine new system. To answer an European Union to dictate, the company was made early or late " harmful material content sets " , " content of 6 kinds of harmful material detects regular " and " exit European Union and label of North America product set " wait for industry standard, open green channel to export a product.
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