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The letter produces a ministry to publish screen of mobile phone color to reach

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  is photographed in mobile phone of mobile phone charger after coming on stage like the head, fittings of another mobile phone- - the mobile phone is photographed with indication screen like the head occupation standard came on stage a few days ago. Recently, MII was promulgated " requirement of technology of transmission character of image of digital shift terminal and video and test method " (YD/T1607) wait for 42 occupation standard. These standards standardize association by Chinese communication entirely (CCSA) constituent member unit considers to make.

"As technical progress, mobile holds machine function ceaseless augment and change, of the mobile phone take a picture, photograph like function and color indication function becomes gain ground more and more, had become the standard configuration of numerous mobile phone. Accordingly, the issuance of this standard, pledge to improving a product the volume will have very main effect. " standardization of communication of institute of standardization of industry of MII post and telecommunications pushs a center relevant chief says.

It is reported, " mobile terminal image and video transmit the number to characteristic technology asks and check a method " the relevant international standard of the international Organization for Standardization such as main basis ISO, consulted at the same time domestic mechanical industry about " digital camera " occupation standard, the actual condition of the development that combines technology of our country mobile terminal and application makes. This standard reflected mobile terminal adequately to take a picture, photograph the functional characteristic that resembles showing with chromatic flat and performance demand. Check the specific target of the requirement to the part, the group that draft organized the brightness that photographed supplier of group resembling a model and mobile terminal manufacturer to undertake test, color rendition test, trends answers flat of test, color to show equipment photographing resembling equipment resolution the part such as test, contrast test, chroma test experiments, in method of the technical requirement in this standard and test is being reflected after test result discusses adequately through the conference.

The personage inside course of study thinks, the issuance of this standard will produce positive effect to domestic relevant industry, can lead an industry further benign development, market of farther normative and relevant estate, be helpful for making sure mobile terminal takes a picture, photograph the basic function that shows equipment like equipment and chromatic flat. Predict this standard is about to become digital shift terminal to obtain telegraphic equipment to enter the basis of qualification of net, attestation.

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