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Standard of mobile phone TV to recommend a gender occupation standard provides t

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Total bureau of TV of national broadcast film occupation standard of 24 days of mobile multimedia broadcast that issued own research and development formally (CMMB) , the hand Electromechanical that says normally namely inspects a standard, will rise on November 1 from this year carry out.

The announcement that according to wide report total bureau allots says, this standard is in charge of issueing by courtyard of wide report program, have completely own intellectual property. As we have learned, "Mobile multimedia broadcasts " the standard included transmission technology, video, frequency, channel to transmit, the other component such as the agreement. And the core part that transmission technology is a standard undoubtedly, use wide cable system basically now certainly own standard STiMi, is not to use be based on telegraphic operation business the technical standard of wireless mobile network. In the standard contention battle before this, DMB-TH of plan of the STiMi standard besides wide division courtyard, Tsinghua is relatively mature also, in addition still the T-MMB plan that has telegraphic background also got certain support.

Nevertheless, the standard that this wide report total bureau issues is recommend a gender occupation standard, level of state of and rather than. And wide report and telegraphic branch cent belong to two large trades, the standard of wide report total bureau whether acting well to telegraphic enterprise still is unknown.

And operation business side is being accepted when interviewing, express, did not receive a letter to produce a ministry up to now or be any branches the announcement that about deciding wide report own standard is standard of mobile phone TV. This also is meant, the battle of the standard of mobile phone TV is final victory or defeat is uncertain.

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