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GB appoint the announcement that turns to treat an opinion for occupation standa

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The State Council concerns a section each, company of guild, group:

To assure national level and occupation standard join effectively, be opposite now national level cleared 2005 conclusion abolishs for " GB, turn a mark, transfer period 1 year the national level of " puts forward as follows to treat an opinion:

One, branch of each industry director should have made corresponding national standard as soon as possible to occupation standard change the job, before changing working in principle to should be by June 2007, finish;
2, the occupation standard detailed list after formal send an official communication to other organizations will be changed inside a month after each industry is in charge of a branch to should be released in occupation standard (the national level number that includes correspondence) newspaper state level appoint;
3, not the national level that announcement abolishs continues effective.
Other need adjusts the national level that is occupation standard to consult please this opinion is dealt with.

Inform hereby.

Two years of October 31 days

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