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Beat water heater of foreign standard report new GB or cause industry concussion

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After   passes the controversy that is as long as 4 years, the standard of the wall that defend report that heads with sea Er beat the foreign standard that with A.O Smith heads eventually, make the national new standard of water heater of our country report. Yesterday, the reporter learns from national Committee on Standard, this standard is our country mandatory standard.
Yesterday, the country standardized committee to release " of electric water heater to defend level of state of " of electric wall technology, point out clearly will rise to be carried out compulsively on July 1 from next year.
Before this, enforce about whether preventing " " of electric wall technology to rate a state standard, the controversy inside course of study all the time bigger.
The reporter understands, our country is new 2003 standard of formulate report water heater, mix by Er of domestic manufacturer sea, Shuai Kang, Kang Quan Smith, Alisidu comprises A.O of foreign capital enterprise standard formulate committee, be in charge of the formulate of new standard. But, the cent on the issue that relevant enterprise wants to include a level the wall that defend report in otherwise became two groups, produced fireworks. It is the domestic company of one party to think with sea Er, Shuai Kang, the wall that defend report raises according to Chinese national condition, and the life that matters to ten million consumer is safe, must include. And the foreign enterprise that with A.O Smith, Alisidu is a delegate thinks, because be caused with electric environment,at present electric water heater hurts human affairs onetime capital is, itself of electric water heater does not have quality problem, object including. Another cause that Smith, Alisidu opposes A.O is, at present the patent of sea Er already covered technologies of all the wall that defend report, if rate its the level, other company bypasses very hard technical camp. Bilateral and final decision refers standard of the wall that defend report the committee of experts to decide by ballot, the committee of experts is held with with 21 tickets, 3 tickets object passing.
The personage inside course of study is analysed, the backside of the standard that contend for, the rich that is an interest actually weichis.
Wang Renhua expresses Committee on Standard of Chinese home appliance: Because electric water heater uses electric environment to exist the element such as bigger hidden trouble, produce leakage of electricity to hurt human affairs reason again and again, occupation standard comes on stage related need, home differs with electric environment and abroad, accordingly, water heater of foreign capital report has difference with Chinese national condition on products plan, do not accord with home to use electric environment.
A selling manager of national beautiful electric equipment thinks: Face the competition that water heater market already turned white-hot nearly, of new standard publish be occupation standard of active to our country water heater undoubtedly to rise, it will wash the safety of bath to give priority to with ensuring our country family, to the production of the enterprise technology and product quality raise a requirement, have to industry development a brand-new standard and lead action, will cause the earthquake of the industry.
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