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Chinese domain name becomes world standard eventually

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Through endless application of 8 years, similar " Beijing.cn " the Chinese domain name that so special convenient Chinese gets online is global Internet eventually bound place admits. Company of whole world Internet will get online for Chinese from now on provide support.

Yesterday, center of information of Chinese internet network (CNNIC) announces, two levels that find location field about Chinese " Chinese domain name is registered with administrative level " (RFC4713) , " domain name of Sino-Japanese Han much language is registered with administrative level " (RFC3743) becomes internet authority to organize group of assignment of IETF(Internet project) the world level that maintain. And the standard that this is apart from on one to enter IETF to be made by the Chinese already had 10 years. And the Internet standard that establishs 10 years with cause Chinese adds up have these 3 only.

For this, director of Chinese Internet association opens constant academician to express to the reporter why: "Although China has 120 million netizen, but still cannot call powerful nation in Internet technology respect, these two levels that find location field about Chinese are admitted by world place, explain we leave IETF close at least one pace. Explain we leave IETF close at least one pace..

The what one says during a conversation of Director CNNIC Mao Wei proved this kind of judgement it seems that: "Register the user of use Chinese domain name one year this year, the total that registers before exceeding a few years. The total that registers before exceeding a few years..

Because make world accepted standard, microsoft has been in its are new the regulation that drafts by CNNIC is followed completely in the IE7.0 that roll out. Bear the Chinese domain name of similar Chinese.cn in the round, and need not install any plug-in unit. To this, come from Sai Di's advisory Internet analyst to express to the reporter: "Although RFC is not mandatory standard, but ' nip standard in order to make vassal ' , chinese searchs location to be able to get similar Microsoft necessarily the attention of such industry tycoon, also may appear CNNIC alone big situation. " before this, ceng Yi spends the Chinese domain name of CNNIC by 3721 networks real name (hind real name of instead Yahoo network) place suppress.

CNNIC is striving for Internet speech to authority respect appears and do not have an end. According to CNNIC interior the personage discloses, CNNIC is preparing to apply standard of internationalization mailing address to be RFC. "The Chinese can be used in the future similar ' .cn of Xiaoming @ Beijing ' means will send email. "

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