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The electron is electric standard of 6 environmental protection carries out the

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  begins from January 18, 6 " the electron is electric poisonous and harmful material detects in the product method standard " carry out formally.

This is national quality is supervised examine quarantine total bureau and national attestation approbate supervisory management committee to dictate to answer ROHS, last year the month releases. The standard dictates in the light of ROHS medium environmental protection asks to notice to domestic electron the product makes an enterprise raise a requirement.

The European Union promulgated a mandatory standard ROHS(RestrictionOfHazardOus Substances) that pledges about toxicant of mechanical and electrical products before this, will at formal on July 1 this year go into effect. ROH5 regulation, electronic product should not have cadmium, without 6 price chromium, without lead, without mercury, without PBB(benzene of much bromiccer couplet) with PBDE(much bromine 2 benzene aether) wait for harmful material.

This code after become effective, all mechanical and electrical products that sell in European Union market must accord with these environmental protection standards.

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