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The standard is short of the electric motor-car what course to follow with admin

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By 2006, a when transmit from Guangzhou breathtaking message makes Zhejiang green source dynamoelectric car Ni Jie of limited company president is heavy-hearted: Guangzhou city policeman announces, the newspaper that passes them approves a program, electric car will be prohibited thoroughly.

For a short while, in a state of anxiety of the popular feeling inside course of study. Although be in Guangzhou to do not have business, but the Ni Jie of Zhejiang green source still puts down at hand to work, should travel together invite urgent fly to Guangzhou to discuss the way to deal with a situation. Come for years, ni Jie by American electron electric engineer association (IEEE) is called " the incorporeal figure that produces industry on behalf of Chinese report motor-car " , had made a trade " spokesman " .

The technology precedes the world welcomes by the market

"Come nearly 10 years from course of study, I think those who be illogical is electric car most is a kind of very good vehicle, already economy is substantial, energy-saving environmental protection, welcome by common people, but ceaseless however someone says this product is bad, ceaselessly the city shines to it a red light, make the progress that controls this industry. " Ni Jie says bemusedly.

Although dynamoelectric bicycle is different the city has different name: Aid luxurious and motor-car of motor-car, the car that help strength, report, light-duty report motor-car, electric car, dynamoelectric bicycle to wait, but be without exception, the motivation of these car is to come from at accumulator, below the international setting that is in short supply increasingly in oil natural resources, develop electric vehicle to have huge economy meaning and social sense to our country energetically.

A lot of common people like to buy this kind of light-duty report motor-car, because think of the oil of our country is used quite,still perhaps not be, because be compared with autocycle,rise however, electric car already economy substantial. Report of 100 kilometers bad news has motor-car of a light-duty report only 1.5 degrees, with year 10 thousand kilometer calculates travel, annual charge of electricity needs 90 yuan only, with 100 kilometers oily bad news 3 litres of much autocycle looks are compared, annual but managing gasoline expenses 970 yuan. If our country at present autocycle retains entirely quantity (100 million) trade light-duty and electric car, annual add up to but managing energy expenses 96 billion yuan.

Absolutely is substantial perhaps, in recent years, industry of motor-car of our country light-duty report carried the growth rate of 80% above all the time, of motor-car of countrywide light-duty report retain the quantity already exceeded 20 million. 2005, all sorts of light-duty report motor-car of enterprise of countrywide number a hunderd schools (contain dynamoelectric bicycle) total output predicts to had exceeded 9 million, exit is made an appointment with 2 million reach 3 million, 20 billion relevant production and the obtain employment that take Wu field approach implementation industry production value 1 million person. If consider pair of upriver fittings industry and the area that serve industry downstream to move action, overall industry dimensions will achieve 35 billion yuan of above.
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