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There is big implied meaning in small switch

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Switch, as control and component of protective electric equipment, everywhere is visible.

Do not see this thing ordinary, machine movement still cannot leave it really. Regard control as the switch that the machine runs, the mainest demand is to be mixed reliably durable, because once appear breakdown, work to what produce equipment with respect to can immediate impact. However, before long, design and make a level of our country low-pressure electric equipment existing with foreign advanced level however not little difference.

Nowadays, in Shenyang this once is production base of China's oldest industry electric equipment and distribution facilities, by Shenyang big the SDMK1 that bright electrician limited company and last a period of time of Shenyang industry college develop a success 9 years control and protective switch, make our country spans in the positional implementation of domain of switch of low-pressure electric equipment type promotion.

"Will 5 years be done not have bad all the time over- "

The reporter is in room of distribution of plant of coal of ball of limited company of fireproof data of company of Benxi iron and steel, the switch of a few low-pressure electric equipment that Cheng Shi Lijian is pointing to motor-driven ministry electrician to using says to the reporter: "God! Begin to use it from 2000 in the factory, will 5 years be done not have bad all the time over- . Will 5 years be done not have bad all the time over- ..

The switch formal name that Li Jian says is control and protective switch. Here, pass each control and protective switch, can control this factory respectively gross of air-blower of 7 balls round kiln move. Can say, air-blower is the core part that this factory uses at production, and these a few switch that Li Jian indicates, it is whether make sure this core part is smooth the crucial part that run.

But in the past, small switch often perplexes the normal production of the factory however. "There is floating dust in the air of the workshop, the iron that contains inside is qualitative, dust falls to switch, time grew to give trouble easily. " Li Jian says.

The switch that uses before this factory often has the life of half an year only, and often give trouble, every time trouble removal needs a hour, round kiln of ball of this paragraph of time is about stop production. Li Jian calculated brushstroke debt, a hour can produce a kiln probably 85 tons of semi-manufactured goods, if 7 kiln place is used 7 switch are in every month if giving trouble, this factory is about reduction of output 600 tons, come down one year reduction of output 7200 tons.

Pardonable Li Jian meets agitato says to the reporter: "Really mysterious, 5 years, what defect also is done not have! What defect also is done not have!!

"We are fireproof now data company, always the equipment of new put into production, use this kind of switch. " Li Jian complements designedly.
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