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The choice of automatic transfer switch and main technique ask

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The article links the demand of GB/T14048.11 cheek by jowl, integrated ATSE puts the issue that be in in design and be used, especially in requirement of technology of invite public bidding, to the requirement of ATSE and demarcate content, did the abecedarian is elaborated and discuss.

ATSE of automatic transfer switch (AutomaticTransfer Switch Equipment) it is a kind of commonly used electric equipment switchgear, main effect is to be between two practicable power supply source, choose all the way safe, reliable power source to laden power supply, in order to make sure what load uses phone is successional. Since had two-way power supply the distribution system to laden power supply, had double report to come from the application that uses transfer switch. The branch promulgated the T14048.11 of / of national level GB of ATSE on October 8, 2002 related our country, rose on April 1, 2003 carry out. This standard is equal at IEC60947 of standard of international Electrotechnical Committee, 6, 1. The article will combine standard of GB / T14048.11 cheek by jowl, design the issue with the existence in using integratedly, especially in requirement of technology of invite public bidding, to the requirement of ATSE and demarcate content, do the following abecedarian is elaborated and discuss.

1, the definition of automatic transfer switch

GB / T14048.11 defines: ATSE of electric equipment of automatic transfer switch is by (or a few) transfer switch electric equipment and other and indispensible electric equipment composition, use at monitoring power source circuit, and will or the electric equipment that a few laden circuit change automatically to another power source from a power source. Define us by this understandable as follows:

(1) the electric switch that ATSE is a kind of independence
It is paratactic wait for electric switch at switch of breaker, bear, fuse, contactor, have corresponding electric parameter demand.

(2) ATSE is by transfer switch and the electron such as corresponding surveillant, control circuit is comprised

That is to say, have complete ATS only advocate the controller ability that switch increases form a complete set forms ATSE.

(3) by the control of ATSE place form a complete set orgnaization proper motion is monitored the state of two power supply source

Press general understanding, the main parameter that power supply source is monitored should be voltage and frequency, but did not make clear in this standard pointing out what be monitored should be three-phase or frequency of single-phase voltage / . To the architect, if ask ATSE has,be short of photograph changeover function, criterion the function that the controller of ATSE should have two-way three-phase to diagnose.
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