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Shallow analyse is close to the type selecting of switch and performance measure

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Summary: The classification that is close to switch and structure were elaborated in article. Discuss the type selecting that is close to switch and the main technique index to be close to switch character from the material of object be detectinged determine method.

Keyword: Classified structure designs type selecting function to detect

1. Overview

Be close to switch is one kind not wants the positional switch that have mechanical contact with athletic component and can operate, when the inductive surface that nears switch when the object is apart from to the movement, do not need mechanical contact to reach bring to bear on any pressure can make switch movement, thereby drive communication or dc electric equipment or offer control to dictate to computer unit. Be close to switch is kind of switch sensor (do not have namely without contact switch) , it has the character of journey switch, micro-gap switch namely, have at the same time pass feeling property, and the action is credible, performance is steady, frequency is answered fast, applied life is long, interference rejection capability is strong etc, have waterproof, shock-proof, anti-corrosive wait for a characteristic. The product has inductance type, capacitance type, Huo Er type, hand in, dc.

Be close to switch to say to be close to switch without contact again, the electronic switch that is ideal measures sensor. Detect when the metal the inductive area that body nears switch, switch can not have a contact, without pressure, without issue electric statement scintilla, quickly, accurate reaction gives the position of athletic orgnaization and route, although be used at general journey to control, the convenient sex that its locate frequency of precision, operation, service life, installation is adjusted and the applicable ability to harsh environment, place of switch of general mechanical journey cannot be compared. It applies at be spun machine tool, metallurgy, chemical industry, gently and pressworking to wait for an industry widely. Spacing, computation, fixed position can regard as control and automatic protection link in automation system. Be close to switch to have service life long, job is reliable, repeat fixed position precision tall, inorganic instrument wears away, without scintilla, without noise, fight brace up capability is strong wait for a characteristic. Accordingly so far, the applied range that approachs switch is increasingly wide, the speed of the development of its oneself and innovation also is extremely rapid.

2. Be close to the main function of switch

2.1 examine distance

Detect elevator, litre fall of equipment stop, start, through the position; Detect the position of car, prevent two objects barge against to detect; Detect the set position of working machine, the ultimate position of mobile machine or component; Detect of swing tower quit the position, of valve leave or close the position; Detect the piston shift position inside air cylinder or hydraulic pressure crock.
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