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The test that low voltage dictates

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One, introductive
How do the low voltage instruction of newest version and specification satisfy Ou Lian of article general introduction the requirement of new statement, heavy name a person for a particular job is put in the requirement of the CE technology file that includes test report, with because answer,helping a firm LVD dictates. The article states the general requirement of the instruction briefly, after that, put the central issue on test requirement, provide a few example, say how palpability accords with the pertinent question that LVD checks.
2, the suitable scope of LVD
LVD applies to all itself function to use voltage range communicating 50~1000V, shed the electric machinery product of 75~1500V continuously, this definition fastens the suitable scope that points to an instruction, is not the limitation with applicable instruction (for example, in using the computer that communicates 230V, the standard that spreads the risk that the circuit of 12V creates to also suffer LVD continuously) .
LVD applies to the product that offers consumer and industry to use, if be industrial equipment, the product that the instruction also covered manufacturer itself to use (for example: Test equipment) .
3, the requirement of CE technology file
The CE system of LVD and EMC statement are similar, all products inside suitable scope must have CE sign, and must what the delegate of manufacturer or importer place sign accord with declaration.
Simple ego declare can't decide the product is safety (〝 safety 〞 is become by the definition won't create staff or of the casualty of cattle and finance affairs damage) , be based on this reason, the support that the statement of LVD needs to have technical file record will prove.
The technology proves the file must include:
1.The run-of-mill description of aircraft equipment
2.Conceptual design reachs shop drawing kind
3.Know these design place must description and specification
4.The standard with listed and all or applicable part, reach described as to satisfy place of instruction safety viewpoint to collect the countermeasure of travel
5.The computative result of the design, the examination of executive process
6.Test report
Manufacturer must use all sorts of necessary methods to make a process in order to ensure accord with technical file place to narrate, the proof product that the content of archives should understand is devising a point of view, it is safe, and can accord with all the time in production process certainly.
Establishing the method with better safety design is, express to accord with a listed harmonic standard first, and it is evidence in order to check a report. The official communique that mediates the standard can be published regularly in EC (Official Journal) . Use already got admissive document (the specification that be like EN) this individual of archives of OK and affirmatory preparation considered the optimal message in its industry domain, is the experience of themselves not merely. Anyhow, this declare must consider the necessary and safe standard of LVD, and the demand that this standard may surpass harmonic level. cardinal principle, if the product is apparently inside the normative limits of some EN standard, criterion this EN level is adequate already.
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