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The market grows global relay posture

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The market grows international relay general situation

2004 global Electromechanical (EMR) , solid (SSR) reach high frequency / the market predicts microwave relay for 3.9 billion dollar, to 2007, year all increase rate near 4.2% . Second half of the year was mixed 2003 sale increase rate was 10%-15% on average first half of the year 2004, and a few companies state to a few special products the category returns stretch growth is to be as high as 25%-30% more. Nevertheless, the supplier does not value the long-term increase rate of these products. Prospective 3-5 year OEM predicts its relay year all dosage will grow 3%-4% , this is to be based on global economy on partial level slow restore. VDC (investment expands a company) forecast forehead of carry out of relay total need will amount to 4.4 billion dollar 2007.

2003 Electromechanical relay (EMR) , solid relay (SSR) reach high frequency (RF) total sales makes an appointment with relay 3.5 billion dollar, restrained 3.9 billion dollar 2004.

Total sales restrained 4.7 billion dollar 2000, to 2003, year all contracted 9% . 2003-2004 year average growth achieves 10%-15% historicly, but prospective 3-5 year, the increase rate that relay sells cost specified amount will put delay to make an appointment with 3%-4% , will reach 4.4 billion dollar 2007. The average price of relay will fall every year 3-5% .

As a result of telegraphic course of study historic decline causes relay industrial change, make relay specific product category in whole relay market place occupies portion to had produced a change, 2004 global relay place of particular product category takes the market portion is respectively: Solid relay 13% , the car uses Electromechanical relay 20% , blame PCB installs Electromechanical relay 15% ; The PCB of > 2A installs Electromechanical relay 27% , the PCB of < 2A installs Electromechanical relay 17% , RF/ microwave relay 2.5% , other 5.5% .

International relay company product tendercy

Of peaceful gram electron influence evolution without lead. Peaceful of TycoElectronics(of international relay big company overcomes an electron) the Ju Qing that regards world electron as component, the European Union is answered actively in the respect that do not have lead two instructions, made those who make clear change course way without lead. According to route chart, tyco established two executive level, the first phase is to transfer level, roll out turn a product without lead, contain lead and coexistence of the product that do not have lead, supply at the same time. The first phase eletroplates from control component craft begins, all marketable products achieved the bottom to be changed without lead 2004. The 2nd phase is the craft that do not have lead compatible phase, ensure the electronic product of Tyco and do not have lead specificly to change technology compatible (contented client asks) , if revise the chemical industry do not have lead with contented and specific data art wait.
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