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The classification of switch of car electrical appliance and development

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The classification of switch of car electrical appliance and development

Switch of car electrical appliance (switch of the following abbreviation) the office that although have likeness,opens principle of action of electric equipment switch with general, but because the car uses the switch that switch is all sorts of control equipment circuit on control car, its control an object to differ, the means of the operation also is varied, with switch of common electric equipment so photograph comparing has certain specific characteristics.

One, main characteristic

1. falls in the premise that makes sure performance is good, not only appearance wants beautiful, and exterior colour is returned must with truckload interior trim tonal photograph is harmonious, in order to raise whole railroad car beautiful.

2. should consider safe factor on the design, car is in travel in case the person that the member that multiply cannot give when producing an accident causes harm, perhaps lower harm rate lowermost limit. The length that designs pushbutton round horn, board handle for example shortens as far as possible, switch secures interior of built-in face plate to wait. The fire prevention that still must consider car additionally is safe, the data that uses to switch should be used flame retardant material.

The outside figure design of 3. car switch must consider to install the element such as feeling of the position, mode of operation, operation, the theory that is necessary to learn by man-machine has design and arrangement.

The grade of 4. voltage has 6V(motorcycle) , 12V(car) , ) of 24V(derv car, go up possibly still in the car in 21 centuries the voltage grade of occurrence 42V.

5. differs according to controlling a target, its work way has instantaneous, short when and run state of 3 kinds of jobs continuously. Differ by utility its load current is OK from LmA-1000A.

6. considers dependability, car switch and other car are euqally with component in car travel process always is to be able to get the concussion of each direction force and vibration, make switch component appears inchoate attaint, riveting becomes loose etc. Additional, the car moves in still can get the influence of the harsh environment such as temperature, relative humidity, cause the oxidation aggravate of switch contact, cause switch life shorten.

2, the classification of car switch

The breed of car switch is more, can from functional sex and structural sex two respects introduce.

Press functional sex classification:
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