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The development direction of switch whole set of equipment is analysed

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  discretion presses the main component that switchgear is machinist job, be power industry is important be defeated by distribution facilities, as close as national economy and social development concern. Since reforming and opening, our country discretion presses switchgear manufacturing industry to develop quickly. In weak point huge success was gained in a few years, the whole nation has the whole set of the on 1000 dimensions on the home and component manufacturer, the quantitative sort of the product and norms contention of a hundred schools of thought, at the same time as each new technology, the occurrence of new material, and of economy climb successively litre, whole set of equipment also had new requirement and new way, original a lot of old products and technology cannot have gotten used to a society to admit need, the rare development opportunity that manufacturing industry of tall low-pressure switchgear faces and challenge.

(one) expand opportunity. As the country economy grows and flowing water of person the people's livelihood rises smoothly, ceaseless progress of the technology, throw and use of all sorts of modern convenience, make tall low-pressure switchgear is generating electricity, transmit electricity, change the domain such as residence of site of report, production and public facilities, dweller, application is increasingly wide, development space is very vast. 2 it is the opportunity that development of national power industry brings. Above all, "Our country continues to develop power industry mainly during 15 " . By gross domestic product year grow 7 % on average to calculate, plus because of " with big acting small " , wash out the plan such as small fire report to close stop group of small fire electric machinery, new installed capacity will achieve 78 million KW during 15 " of predicting " . Next, construction of urban and rural electrified wire netting and transform will continue 3 years to increase investment on the foundation afore, "Still plan to throw 250 billion yuan charge during 15 " . These offerred rare market opportunity for manufacturing industry of tall low-pressure switchgear. 3 it is a country major construction project and western the opportunity that big development brings. "During 15 " , the project such as light course of electric railway, freeway, city, subway has great progress, "Enrage on the west east be defeated by north of the water austral " , " to move the project such as net of couplet of " and dc transmit electricity, dc to be started in succession, project of Shandong and net of Heibei 500kV couplet is being built, the Yangtse River especially big hydroelectric station will begin 3 gorge generate electricity. This one situation offerred tremendous business chance for manufacturing industry of tall low-pressure switchgear.

(2) the challenge that facing a challenge is foreign competitor. Join WTO as our country, transnational corporation invests in China further, executive " mainland changes " strategy; Abroad's advanced tall low-pressure switchgear enters home market in great quantities inevitable, domestic company faces the foreign competitor with formidable actual strength directly, original product value advantage is pounded. The 2 development respects that are product structure function and new product. Still exist in product breed, class and performance side a lot of problems. Low-pressure product is excessive compete, the switchgear market space with technical content and additional not high cost will be less and less. The whole set product of our country cannot have satisfied the requirement that the society expands more and more, our new product develops strength to still lag behind at the developed country far, concept of our products plan returns a metaphase level at the developed country, and the developed country is in again be in ceaselessly new technology, new material, new technology domain is having updated attempt and breakthrough, so we must advance whole set effectively is equipment development direction is adjusted, cogent the problem that solves technology and product class to lag behind, absorb advanced train of thought really, experience, the technology, with the replacement product of high quality, high additional cost, enhance company competition ability. Increase what on any account controls switchgear manufacturing industry to draw close to the world's advanced technology domain, and intelligence is changed, miniaturization, tall performance characteristics and safety performance, high reliability, maintenance-free, pay attention to environmental protection, had made the inevitable trend that the whole set of equipment on the world develops. Want progress of mutiple level, much breed at the same time. Mutiple level it is to show congener product changes the aspect such as degree in specifications structure, installation, intelligence due the distinction with small high school, in order to satisfy the use need of different user; Much breed is to point to the need that gets used to different use environment and condition and different situation, if moistureproof, dustproof, anticorrosive, waterproof, mine is used, marine, underwater makes all sorts of circumstances such as course of study, product that the condition uses. Digitlize compositive technology at the same time the application in switchgear of low-pressure whole set is increasingly wide. Because this kind of product has control, protection, detect the important characteristic that the respect digitlizes, have optimized government mode, improve work efficiency, reduce production cost, reduce the advantage such as upkeep costs. Advance enterprise informatization further, enhance technical innovation ability to accelerate enterprise informatization construction.
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