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How is informatization of developed country medium and small businesses built?

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Medium and small businesses is in   is a very fundamental strength in economic development process, but in the market with intense competition, most medium and small businesses is mixed on development of dimensions, management, business large company posture is compared, put in the difference with bigger move. Medium and small businesses wants to live in the market with intense competition come down, must compare big company more agile, efficient, innovation.

Will be opposite as nearly two years of enterprise informatization and knowledge of electronic business affairs gain ground, numerous medium and small businesses realises already adequately use a network to begin informatization, to managing company cost and the value that reach active management.

But, in fact, because be handed in with abroad,flow besides enterprise of a few foreign trade more, besides the applied level with was achieved certain on the development of electronic business affairs and enterprise informatization, in 20 million medium and small businesses that has in our country, can use what simple enterprise informatization manages to still be less than 5% , informatization construction already became medium and small businesses to raise the only way of oneself competition ability.

With abroad posture of a few nations is compared, the level of technology of informatization of Chinese company application should lag behind a lot of, there is a lot of in abroad advanced IT is worth to we are drawn lessons from and learn with executive experience, we realize the measure that a few countries are urging side of informatization of local medium and small businesses and gain below.

The United States

Although the United States is a super economy big country, but the medium and small businesses under 500 people is acting very important role in American economy. Introduce according to official of management board of American medium and small businesses, to 1997 financial year end, the United States has had medium and small businesses many 2200, they enabled the labour force of countrywide half above, created the gross domestic product of countrywide half above.

According to statistic, american exporter tastes 70% come from medium and small businesses, and in burgeoning enterprise 99% also belong to medium and small businesses. In recent years, medium and small businesses already became the United States to add obtain employment post and the source that the technology innovates newly for the most part, the abidance that also is American economy grows made all in all contribution.

Accordingly, the United States adopted all sorts of measure to promote the development of informatization of medium and small businesses about the government sector. Gain the opportunity of loan and credit to increase medium and small businesses, bureau of American young business management offers accumulative total to amount to the loan of 77 billion dollar and credit to small company to 2000.
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