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The application of standard component of our country mould and market grow

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Mould standard component is the main component of the mould, it is mould foundation. It to shortening mould design makes cycle, reduce a mould to produce the technical economy with raise mould quality to be had very cost, important meaning. The experience of foreign industry developed country proves, of mould standard component specialization production and commercialization are supplied, promoted the development of mould industry greatly. Introduce according to foreign data, wide application standard component can shorten the design makes cycle amount to 25-40 % ; But managing the social man-hour that abstains standard component place to cause as a result of the person that use, reduce the waste of raw material and the sources of energy; The application that can wait for modern technology for mould CAD/CAM lays a foundation; Can raise the production precision of the mould and performance characteristics significantly. Use normally specialization manufacturing standard component than containing standard component its cooperate precision and positional precision to will raise an amount level at least, can assure interchangeability, improve the service life of the mould, promote industry interior then the reform of economic system, management mechanism and industrial structure and manufacturing management field, implementation specializations and dimensions turns production, take those who use market of commodity of mould standard component to form with development. Can say those who do not have mould standard component to specialization with commercialization, do not have the modernization of mould industry. In recent years the swift and violent development as industry of our country mould, the standardization of mould spare parts, specialization and commercial work, already had higher level, obtained great progress. Since countrywide mould standardized technical committee to hold water 1983, constituent expert undertakes making to mould standard, edit and examine, issued 90 multinomial standards in all, among them die standard 22, plastic pattern standard more than 20. The issuance of these standards, carry out, the technology that promoted mould trade progresses and develop, produced very great society benefit and economic benefits. The research of modular standard component, development and production are spreading out deep in the round, no matter be product type, breed, norms, the specifications that still is a product and quality standard have apparent raising.

Guide plate of oiliness of development of development of institute of 1001 moulds standard component and guide-post bushing, ball locks up Xi'an liberation army type trades standard component of device of punch and fixed head, inclined wedge and component, high-grade plastic pattern quickly; Mould of nicety of elder brother hill directs the nicety of a limited company production directs; The nitrogen that factory of push rod of Guangzhou Donghua mould produces changes push rod; The strong tool set that river of short for Weihe River is versed in mould total factory is produced is worn; The independent guide pillar that company of Fuzhou east pattern produces; The mould bases noting model that factory of Shenzhen south mould produces; The product of series of hot flow path that limited company of equipment of Shanghai Ke Langning technology produces is waited a moment. Among them some already reached domestic advanced level, some is close to or reach international level, fill home is blank.
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