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General valve proof pressure

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This standard consults use GB standard GB/T13927, 1992 " industrial the compression test of valve valve " .
1 theme content and suitable scope
This standard set the requirement of general valve compression test, method and assess index.
The compression test that this standard applies to a powerful person of brake a powerful person, shut-off valve, check valve, faucet, ball valve, butterfly a powerful person, diaphragm valve to wait.
2 term
2. 1 proof pressure
Agree of lumen of the valve when the experiment suffers plan show pressure.
2. 2 housing experiment
Wait for the compression test that the whole valve crust that bind and becomes undertakes to body of a powerful person and lid of a powerful person.
2. 3 sealed experiments
Examine open shut with body of a powerful person the experiment of sealed deputy sealed function.
2. 4 go up sealed experiment
Examine the experiment that lever of a powerful person and a powerful person build sealed deputy sealed function.
2. 5 experiments duration
The time that experiment place lasts falls in proof pressure.
3 tests project
The project of compression test includes: A. Housing experiments; B. On sealed experiment (have on the valve of sealed structure should do this experiment) ; C. Sealed experiment.
4 experiments ask
4. Compression test all should undertake before every 1 valve leave factory.
4. 2 before housing experiment is finished, do not allow pair of valve lacquer or the coating that use other prevents leakage, but the chemical and antirust processing that allows to undertake do not have sealed action reachs liner of liner a powerful person. Cross the inventory valve of lacquer to already besmearing, when if the user represents requirement redo,doing compression test, do not need eliminate coating.
4. Before 3 sealed experiments, should the oily be soiled on eliminate sealing surface, but the repellent that allows to besmear one layer viscosity is not more than kerosene, rely on the valve with sealed grease, allow Tu Fu to set chosen grease by the design.
4. Should not make valve is affected the outside force of test result by the likelihood in 4 experiments process.
4. 5 if do not have special provision, the temperature of experiment medium should be between 5~40 ℃ .
4. Medium of 6 following experiments is chosen by manufactory proper motion, but should accord with a watch 1 with the watch the regulation of 2; A liquid: Water (can join antirust) , the other that kerosene or viscosity are not more than is appropriate liquid; B gas: The gas with air or appropriate other.
4. 7 when making an experiment with the liquid, should eliminate the gas inside valve housing. When making an experiment with gas, should use safe preventive measure.
4. 8 undertake sealed and on when sealed experiment, should in order to design given means is shut.
4. 9 proof pressure should accord with a regulation.
4. 9. The proof pressure that 1 housing experiments presses a watch the regulation of 1. Nominal pressure PN, ℃ of 0.25 liquids 0.1 MPa 20 issues < of proof pressure of MPa experiment medium the biggest allow 0.25 liquids of actuating pressure ≥ below 20 ℃ the 1.5 times what allow actuating pressure biggest
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