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Plastic shopping bag does not belong to governmental price category

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Shang Ming expresses, in " be restricted model makes " before coming on stage, really a lot of enterprises suggest to make clear set lowest price limit, lest because polybag price is different,cause client billabong. But Department of Commerce thinks, as a result of plastic shopping bag is not belonged to " value standard " of the 18th regulation applicably the circumstance that the government coachs valence or government fix a price, ought to execute operator to fix a price independently lawfully so. Had fixed a price independently to prevent an enterprise low, make limitation, decrease use plastic the purpose of shopping bag comes to nothing, basis of Department of Commerce " value standard " the 8th (the basic basis that operator fixes a price is manufacturing management cost and state of market supply and demand) regulation, right plastic the price principle of shopping bag undertook demarcate, do not get namely under management cost.
Shang Ming expresses, plastic of shopping bag paid use the change that involves people shopping habit, the idea that fosters the public to use polybag circularly also needs a process. Department of Commerce will be made in the round with " be restricted model makes " each measure of form a complete set.

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