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16 5 in plenary meeting is held in Beijing

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  Chinese Communist the 5th times the plenary session is in the 16th Central Committee on October 8 morning Beijing is held.

In by a definite date on conference of 4 days, the Political Bureau of Central Committee of Communist Party of China will work to Central Committee report, study about making a countryman economy and society develop eleventh the proposal that plans 5 years.

The conference of the Political Bureau of Central Committee of Communist Party of China that will hold on July 25 this year points out, "915 " during (2006 - 2010) the crucial period that is society of overall construction well-off, consider and put forward to develop about making national economy and society " 915 " the proposal of the program, good to doing " 915 " the work out of program compendium works, it is important to coach entire party throughout the country will tighten grip 5 years to live henceforth strategic good luck period, deepen system reform, raise open standard, drive national economy to coordinate healthy progress and society to progress in the round quickly continuously, have very principal port.

This conference of the Political Bureau emphasizes, make " 915 " program proposal should hold to Deng Xiaoping to be mixed theoretically " 3 delegates " serious thought is guidance, insist to watch all to get economic society to develop overall situation with developing scientificly, holding to development is the strategic thought of good sense, insist to catch good progress this party is in office the first important or urgent business that promotes a country, insist to be a center with economic construction, thorough analysis develops general trends domestic and internationally, it is good around implementation, good to safeguard, had developed the most numerous people prime increase and the basic requirement that drive socialist economy construction, politics construction, culture construction, society construction to develop in the round, science of base oneself upon develops, exert oneself innovates independently, perfect system mechanism, stimulative society is harmonious, make clear the guidelines that society of prospective China economy develops, the development target that puts forward to accord with desire of people of Chinese national condition, suitable in season acting requirement, report and overall deploy.

As we have learned, the Communist Party of China 16 5 in plenary meeting because " 915 " program this serious topic for discussion and be paid close attention to extensively. Share citizen of 4.12 million China to be " 915 " the program builds character to make suggestions, these opinions are inducted adequately in the work out of the program.

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