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8 orgnaization head obtain MII electron attestation to serve licence

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On September 27, basis " electronic autograph law " and " electronic authentication service manages method " specific provision, service of MII electron authentication manages the office to represent MII, for first 8 electrons attestation that obtains a qualification service orgnaization issued licence book.

MII informatization advances department director Ji Jinkui to express, of licence of first electronic authentication service issue, proclaimed orgnaization of electronic authentication service is established already formally lawfully, had legal position, indicate attestation served an our country electron to leave not to have legal basis from now on, do not have branch of standard standard, derelict canal " 3 without " the history.

Before cut solstice, already 14 attestation orgnaization referred aptitude to apply for just about to MII, among them 8 become first enterprise that obtains attestation, include Shandong to save digital certificate attestation to manage Tian Weicheng of limited company of center of attestation of finance of limited company, silver-colored couplet, Beijing to believe electronic business affairs to serve limited company, Shaanxi to save center of digital certificate attestation finite liability company, country casts limited company of attestation of certificate of the number that install a letter, Guangdong to save limited company of attestation of electronic business affairs. Additionally 6 are being accepted according to permissive program the form is examined and essence is examined.

According to introducing, examine a process to include aptitude file to accord with examine, construction of environment of personnel audit, physics and safety administration standard are examined, the checkup of circumstance of the checkup of flow of service of the checkup that construction of system and the checkup that its run, close key manages, client and certificate processing, integrated operation is waited a moment.

What Jilin state tax passes the digital certificate that saving 6 areas completely is pilot, realized Internet to declare, make declare data by center in city class so, instead saves progression to occupy centralized management, not only the class that it is city was reduced safeguard cost, and make province bureau OK synchronism obtains information, for decision-making offerred newest basis.

And associate branch of electronic business affairs passes electronic attestation, the processing time order by 13 original hours, shorten, and be in its year all 400 thousand pieces of contracts measure 300 thousand ~ in, 90 % came true to be changed without paper, direct and managing trade expend 1.4 million yuan.

Be the applied demand of electronic attestation, make relevant management department accelerated the guidance that serves to electronic attestation to advance the job. Extend in this second certificate ceremonially, the concerned leader of the branch such as management board of code of office of job of informatization of the State Council, state, Department of Commerce also attended this second conference.
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