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Infra-red measure lukewarm fundamental

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Infra-red measure lukewarm fundamental

Infra-red measure lukewarm technology to be in manufacturing process, be controlled in product quality and monitor, online breakdown diagnoses equipment and the respect such as safe protection and managing the sources of energy was developing main effect. Come nearly 20 years, blame contact is infra-red measure Wen Yi to get developing quickly on the technology, function is ceaseless and perfect, the function increases ceaselessly, breed is ceaseless grow in quantity, suitable scope also expands ceaselessly, the market has growth of rate year after year. Measure lukewarm method compared with contact, infra-red measure Wen Yi to a noise answers contact of fast, blame, use safety and service life grow time wait for an advantage. Blame contact is infra-red measure Wen Yi to include portable infra-red measure Wen Yi, online infra-red measure Wen Yi and scanning type infra-red measure Wen Yi 3 old series, and stock all sorts of options and computer software, there are all sorts of models and norms again in each series. All sorts of model in different specifications are infra-red in measuring Wen Yi, right choice is infra-red measuring lukewarm appearance model is very important to the user.
  is infra-red measure Wen Yi to detect the technology is " 95 " key of achievement of national science and technology popularizes a project, infra-red measuring Wen Yi to detect is one kind online monitor high-tech of ceaseless report type to detect technology, its collect photoelectricity is become handle a technology like technology, computer technology, image at a suit, the infrared ray that gives out through receiving an object is infra-red radiation, its heat resembles showing go up in fluorescent screen, thereby the temperature of surface of accurate judgement object distributings circumstance, have accurate, real time, fast wait for an advantage. Any objects because the motion of its oneself element, keep outward radiate is infra-red heat energy, form certain temperature field in object surface thereby, common says " heat resembles " . Infra-red diagnostic technology is through absorbing this to plant infra-red radiant energy is measured, measure what the temperature that gives equipment surface reachs temperature field to distributing, judge equipment to send hot circumstance thereby. The test equipment that applies infra-red examine technology at present is more, be like infra-red measure Wen Yi, infra-red hot TV, infra-red heat to be waited a moment like appearance. TV, infra-red like infra-red heat heat uses heat to become what lose sight of this kind like the technology like the equipment such as appearance " heat resembles " change becomes visible light image, make test effect direct, sensitivity is tall, can detect the hot condition with a fine installation changes, accurate report is equipment interior, external calorific circumstance, reliability is high, very effective to discovering equipment hidden trouble.
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