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Hair change appoint say 915 programs of our country will highlight 6 big focal p

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Structure of pattern of   economy growth, industry, " 3 farming " problem, city is changed, the development strategy that 6 big keywords decide area development, harmonious society, will become Chinese the next 5 years to plan " exert oneself is nodded " .

"Forum of Chinese investment climate " river door holds 28 days of Yu Andong, national development and reform commission develop program department director Yang Wei civilian expresses on forum, eleventh of orbital of progress of society of economy of decision future China (came 2006 2010) 5 years
In planning to intensifying studying a work out, the program will be outstanding the change that advances economy to grow means, adjust optimize industrial structure, solve 3 farming problem, advance a city to change healthy progress, stimulative area harmonious development and cogent strengthen harmonious society to build 6 big focal points.

Yang Wei civilian points out, pattern of stimulative economy growth transforms " crucial " it is to build include achievement in one's post to assess system of tax of mechanism, wealth inside effective system mechanism, on demand structure, implementation is pulled by main support investment and exit move, to consumption and drive of investment double round, inside need with outside need to pull the change that move jointly; On industrial structure, implementation drives growth by main support industry, to the change that line of business of industry, service drives jointly; On devoted element, rely on the change that manpower capital and technical progress prop up to more.

Industrial structure is unreasonable it is Chinese economy growth is rapid, and one of reasons with not obvious improvement of obtain employment pressure. Yang Wei civilian says, china must new look upon is in carry on while international manufacturing industry is transferred, also carried on the resource that these industries use up, how to turn round Chinese estate construction is at present heavy change, high cost can the state with increasingly clear trend, will be a new issue.

Yang Wei civilian thinks, show level to solve China " 3 farming " the main avenue of the problem, it is to want to increase through agricultural itself yield, enlarge the gross of farmer income; Make through increasing the finance move to the country to pay rural dweller can like townsman, enjoy the basic and public service that comparatives roughly, borrow this to realize industry to feed back agriculture stage by stage, the city supports a country.

Change the rapid development that is in China to town, yang Wei civilian says, must the city that slam the door talks a key simply with urban dimensions changes guiding principle, the change presses canton and not be the practice that advances a city to change by economic area, make city group the main body that becomes Chinese mouth city to change.
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