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China is new 5 years the program makes a concept will produce revolutionary chan

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The personage of a few analysises of Beijing is forecasted say, compare with 15 plans and the Five-Year Plan photograph previously, chinese eleventh plan 5 years make a concept will produce revolutionary change, it is this world thereby burgeoning the future of big country chalks out 5 years to develop train of thought and way newly.

The 16th Central Committee is in the Chinese Communist at present Beijing holds a plenary session the 5th times, discuss make suggested to what national economy and social progress planned 2010 2006.

Analytic personage says, a old 20 serious a nuisance was held to inscribe in train of thought of development of Chinese reforming and opening -- " first rich theory " , will turn into in 915 programs change trains " collective and rich " advocate tone, the difference of the rich and the poor that expands in order to narrow increasingly, trend that turns round social polarization.

This is China after entering economic society to develop new level, a when plan 5 years to make concept place make heavy major key is rectified and the history spans, show China is in office the party builds the key market economy condition to fall more the interest of hasten fairness is balanced mechanism. Deng Xiaoping is in the total stylist of Chinese reforming and opening 1978 the Communist Party of China 11 3 in after plenary meeting, put forward above all " let person of one part area, one part first rich rise " , "Final implementation is collective and rich " .

This was broken absolutely equalitarianism and " mess " system, the comprehensive reforming and opening that is China explored new experience, new approach, accumulated vast labor power, material resources and financial capacity for the country.

Current, gross domestic product of Chinese average per capita (GDP) already broke through 1000 dollar, predict to will achieve 3000 dollar 2020.

Chinese leader warning says, in this one crucial phase, should prevent great disparity of occurrence the rich and the poor, unemployed population grow in quantity, urban and rural pull big, society with area difference the problem such as contradictory aggravate, can bring about economic society to develop to hesitate to press forward for a long time otherwise, appear even the society is queasy with retrogression.

Calculate according to official research organization, chinese the eastpart part is the richest province and western the difference of GDP of average per capita of the poorest province already expanded to 10 multiple; The amount of worth of lowermost income household of 10 % occupies all dweller belongings to be less than 2 % , and the property amount of family of 10 % highest income occupies 40 % above; Difference of real income of urban and rural dweller is amounted to 5 to 6 times.
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