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Commodity bar code manages method

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" commodity bar code manages method " classics national quality was supervised on May 16, 2005 examine conference of Wu of bureau of quarantine total bureau is discussed through, grant to announce now, apply since October 1, 2005. Supervisory bureau of technology of former state quality promulgated on July 3, 1998 " commodity bar code manages method " abolish at the same time.
Two years on May 30

General principles of the first chapter
The first manages for normative commodity bar code, assure quality of commodity bar code, accelerate commodity bar code to wait for the application of the domain in electronic business affairs and flow of goods, the development of informatization of business affairs of electron of stimulative our country, flow of goods, concern a regulation according to the country, make this method.

This the 2nd method place says commodity bar code includes retail goods, blame the code of unit of retail goods, content shedding, position and bar code label.

Our country uses the product code with universal international and system of bar code label, promotion applies commodity bar code, build the commodity label system of our country.

The enrollment of bar code of commodity of churchyard of the 3rd People's Republic of China, encode, print, application and its management, applicable this method.

Quality of the 4th nation is supervised examine quarantine total bureau (total bureau of qualitative check of country of the following abbreviation) manage committee with national standardization (level of state of the following abbreviation appoint) the director branch that is job of countrywide commodity bar code, unitary organization manages job of countrywide commodity bar code. Center of Chinese article encode (center of encode of the following abbreviation) it is orgnaization of job of countrywide commodity bar code, the specific solid construction that bar code of commodity of responsible whole nation manages is made.

Code of the 5th manufacturer identifying is the main component of commodity bar code. Any units and individual use commodity bar code to must be registered according to this method approve, obtain manufacturer identifying code.

The 2nd chapter is registered
The person that the 6th person that obtain business charter and the generator that relevant and lawful management aptitude proves, sale lawfully and service are offerred, can apply for to register manufacturer identifying code.

When the subsidiary that independent corporate organization has in group company needs to use commodity bar code, ought to apply for to register manufacturer identifying code alone by the regulation.

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