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European Union committee releases the policy that protects ocean environment to

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To protect European ocean environment, european committee was announced annual 7, the policy of 0 euro.

The theme of this policy is protect and maintain ocean environment, its target is to ensure water area of ocean of all European Union achieves the level of environmental health to 2021.

Stavros Dimas of environmental committee member expresses, because his marine policy will be announced 2006, this policy will become committee the European Union is maritime in the future the " of " environment pillar of policy. The European Union carries out clear processing to protect European ocean first the policy framework of main problem.

Dimas expresses, the destruction that place of European ocean environment suffers is potential, inevitable, still can endanger an European Union to include tourism and piscatorial industry inside main health and employ branch. Europe is marine to Europe the basic living conditions of people and economic prosperity removed main effect, but change as a result of excessive development, pollution, climate and a series of other factors, european ocean environment worsens ceaselessly.

Dimas says: "We hope to ensure now and the European citizen in the future can benefit from benefit from is marine, make these marine safe, clean, healthy and have rich rich. Make these marine safe, clean, healthy and have rich rich..

This policy will adopt the form that the European Union indicates, the city that is located in marine area for every namely puts forward to develop the guidelines of policy and final deadline. Every member state will must assess all round its deep-sea state, make piece include an influence to evaluate the plan that analyses with cost effectiveness, improve their ocean environment in order to analyse. Next, every country will make include a series of marine targets inside marine policy, reach so called " with other and marine country the marine agreement of " of favorable environment place. However, these national environment targets have many strong and " of place of " favorable environment by why to comprise had not gotten deciding.

To carry out policy of new maritime environment, in future in two years, will cost about 9, 0 euro, to maintain this policy, will cost every year about 7, 0 euro.

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