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" poineering investment manages temporary measure " come on stage

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Poineering company of     IT most what is those who be short of?


In November, the China that be called the first " achieve cast a law " " poineering investment manages temporary measure " (the following abbreviation " method " ) come on stage formally, this pair of China IT in be in crack all the time the incident that venture capital investment is sex of a mark.

" times of finance and economics " the near future interviews several venture capital investment enterprise and poineering company, they think generally " method " publish internally IT course of study to develop a meaning great, no less than in those days what our country Taiwan saves course of study of venture capital investment is arisen and direct the development of the takeoff that promoted Taiwan IT industry and industry of new bamboo science and technology.

Adult ceremony

This is the thing that business of numerous first half of the year this year venture capital investment did not think of.

Become what exchange control bureau came on stage to try to restrict to pass in and out of foreign currency of venture capital investment first half of the year " 11 article " after waiting for policy, business of venture capital investment people become very careful for a time.

But the situation later took a favourable turn unexpectedly.

"The financing of poineering enterprise of a lot of IT is very difficult first half of the year, take investment without a few companies almost " , the CEO Qin Gang of IT world network expresses, with form apparent contrast first half of the year, second half of the year can hear IT enterprise to take investment every week almost.

Why can you appear this kind of unexpected circumstance?

On November 1, exchange control bureau publishs the byelaw of a few correction sexes, business of venture capital investment people think generally, "The policy of exchange control bureau affects investment directly, the situation of second half of the year takes a favourable turn somewhat " .

On November 15 " achieve cast a law " come on stage, more expand from policy level and normative of Chinese venture capital investment live environment.

At present domestic venture capital investment basically comes from at foreign capital, its mode also is completely " both ends is outer " -- capital originates abroad, business of venture capital investment exits a mechanism also is to rely on abroad appear on the market.

Once be strengthened to the foreign currency control of venture capital investment, venture capital investment if fishbone,be in larynx.
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