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"3 nets syncretic " as integrated as core technology natural resources

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  is current, "3 nets syncretic " follow a country eventually " 915 " the program suggests and final, from preparation delibrate phase enters executive operation phase. "915 " program proposal writes clearly: "Strengthen broadband communication network, digital TV network and the information infrastructure construction such as next generation Internet, advance ' 3 nets are shirt-sleeve ' . " " plan " in to 3 nets are being advanced inside 5 years from resource of infrastructure of technical respect conformity, did specific rigid administration provision. Come true in future from this
"3 nets " unite management from administration, manage on cooperation is interactive, look below big trend by a definite date is not far. Look suddenly, this is a government plans to superintend behavior to the administration of the state-owend enterprise merely, become attention focus hard. Actually the far-reaching meaning of this act, the likelihood affects every countryman the cogent life henceforth, even the development of science and technology of prospective country is watched.

Be in early 1998, home already put forward " 3 nets syncretic " problem. But suffer be confined to the management system blemish of the state of affairs of development of IT science and technology at that time and state-owend enterprise, and the development direction foresight of civil to future Information Industry is insufficient, cause act to lay aside.

At this late hour, be opposite as IT science and technology old have " 3 nets " the technical revolution of scope of operations, "3 nets " core of management resource technology with each passing day unifinication. "3 nets " the management mode that each does things in his own way, show a more malpractice.

If, continue according to " 3 nets " the mode of tripartite confrontation is managed, construction goes down, the resource that causes infrastructure not only repeats construction, more important is block up the development of the product of new science and technology that has market competition ability. If things go on like this, the actual strength of science and technology that went up objectively to affect China badly progresses.

Why " mobile phone TV " , " Internet TV " wait product of new-style IT science and technology a moment to had been not notional product, did not move toward the market tardy however? Our IT industry had had trend world's most advanced trend and condition in demand of technical level, market, why cannot move toward the forward position of world Information Industry further however? Among them a reason is " 3 nets " the management domain confine of the enterprise, bring about new product to cannot face the market, block up implementation of product of new-style science and technology is commercialized and produce benefit.

"3 nets syncretic " potential effect, influence home civil Information Industry develops, the high-tech industry that also affects Chinese enterprise is in the competitive actual strength of the international market. Product of new-style science and technology cannot undertake commercializing operational producing benefit through home, restrained the invention that product of more new-style science and technology produces. The product of science and technology previously always is by science and technology advanced country is taken the lead in rolling out, we are defeated in actual strength of science and technology backward. Nowadays level of our science and technology already of blindly follow sb catch up with science to develop pace, if be defeated,manage in the market run system to go up to be treated unjustly.
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